I just spent the afternoon trying to get into this site on line. It turns out I guess that I, and everyone I email with has a redirect virus that sends you to fake browsers listing blackjack sites etc. What a pain. I switched from internet explorer to Google chrome and now the site opens through normal searching…so far. If you are here, your browser is working. Be thankful. You gotta love the hackers that make our life so much easier., what fun!!!

Don’t compare apples with oranges!

But wait! There’s more!

These words always seem to follow an unbelievable deal on something or another that you just can’t live without because it is so cheap and such a “deal”, while every body else selling anything like it is “over priced”. Then when it can’t get any better comes the…”but wait there’s more”, and the deal goes on and on. Then if some one actually orders this “bargain” they find the truth to be that the product is crap, the “shipping and handling” is higher than the product price, and that it applies separately to each of the “more” items of the deal that you had to “wait” for. Basically a rip-off scam that is legal.

What made me get off on this tangent was a call today from a young man who just had his car repaired by another young man who professed to being a mechanic. He claimed he could repair some very complex systems on this car. Apparently upon opening his hood later after said repairs, the first young man found missing bolts and broken parts to a large extent, and was very upset. He later found, by jacking the car up, that work performed on a wheel bearing was not done correctly and the whole wheel moves quite a bit. He wants me to repair all of this and I had to inform him that it may well cost more than if I had done it the first time, depending on what else may be damaged that will turn up during disassembly. He wants it correct. He wants his car safe. He carries people he cares about in it. The other young man had told him that he and a friend were opening a shop soon and that they were giving him a deal. Save your money, buy it from us, we know what we are doing. We are a deal! But wait there is more! More expense, more time without a car, more chance he could have been hurt or hurt some one else driving a defective car. He got more all right, and he is not happy with his choice or “the deal” he got with it.

Just like the ad on TV, it is not illegal, just wrong. If something is cheaper, you better find out why. Don’t compare apples with oranges. At least try to confirm that a “mechanic” really is one. The state of Washington isn’t going to do it for you, and a lot of young men know this. It is easy money for them, and a hard lesson for the consumer. Be ware!



Here we go! This first entry is just a test. I am still learning how this entire site works and what I can do to mess it up, so we will see if this worked or not.