Electronics have become a dominant factor in the function and performance of an automobile. Multiple computers control and monitor engine performance and emission out put, along with automatic transmissions, antilock brakes, suspension controls, charging systems, seats, heaters, steering…the list is long, and all are tied to some extent to these computers on many new vehicles.

Independent repair shops use scan tools to interface with these computers and retrieve diagnostic information. Many are available in the after market for this purpose. We have found that no one tool will do all that we need so we have multiple brands at our disposal, thus giving us the best chance at an accurate diagnoses.

We have two ignition analyzers (scopes) that come in handy for accurate secondary ignition evaluation (coil, cap, Rotor, plug-wires, and plugs) These things even help check points and condensers if need be. Remember dwell and timing? We do!

We have electronic battery testers as well as the old load test type, and we are old enough to use and interpret hydrometers (a valuable diagnostic tool), on un-sealed batteries.

We diagnose and repair old charging systems and new computer controlled ones.

We can find and repair shorts, and a host of other electrical faults,

David owns more electrical testing and diagnostic equipment for all of the above then his tool box drawers will hold. There isn’t much he can’t figure out, given a little time.

We also are a business sponsor of Iatn, the International Automotive Technicians Network. This is a network of over 75,000 automotive technicians that share information and knowledge. We can go into an extensive database of posted problems and their subsequent solution, plus a host of other diagnostic tools. You can visit the site here: http://www.iatn.net/