We have performed restoration work on vehicles worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and some not worth much at all, except to the nostalgic owner. All of them are exciting and interesting to us, as this is some of our favorite work!

Restoration of non-automotive mechanical devices and equipment, from bicycles to old small machinery, is also available, on a case by case basis.

We also perform restoration work on Harley Davidson and other motorcycles, and/or their components, including engine work.

We perform complete restoration of most automotive systems and their components, though we do not do complete frame off restorations or bodywork, meaning paint or upholstery. We can sub contract out paint and upholstry if desired.

The systems we do restore can be to all original specifications, with original N.O.S. (new old stock) parts, or just refurbished with new after-market parts. We have restored complete drive trains including engine, transmission, suspension, and axle/differential, to all original specifications with original parts, and others to just look and operate like new. We have done complete brake systems, with the option of silicone fluid conversion for storage purposes. We have done complete re-wire jobs in stock form or with all newer technology using blade fuses, modern wire etc. Sometimes it is just a small job, for instance machining and installing a very small part to repair a broken door handle assembly that was no longer available. We have updated old dangerous door latches to newer bear-claw design for safety purposes. We replaced all four sections of a 1967 mustang convertible rusted through floor-pan, making it appear almost original in appearance from above or below.

There will be a section in the photo gallery with many shots of some of our projects, please check them out.