Oct 10, 2011
Scott has been my mechanic for over 20 years. He insists that regular maintenance is extremely important and judging by the fact that my old cars just don’t ever seem to give up and die – he’s right. I would love to have to buy a new car… but the old one is working much too well to get rid of!
       Sharon spangler
       San Juan Island
We’ve been taking our cars to Scott for 15 years.  He’s the reason our ’90 Toyota Corolla is still our go-to car with 270,000 miles!  Scott is absolutely honest and will not hesitate to make solid maintenance and repair suggestions, not just self serving ones.  His estimates are fair, reasonable and accurate and he always clearly communicates the problem.  Plus we’ve always enjoyed friendly and professional service.  We highly recommend Benedict Restoration and Repair.
       -Peter and Christine Chan 
         San Juan Island
“…highly competent… real professionals… and the best Car Talk on the island.”
        A R WEISBROD
        San Juan Island
You’re the reason I haven’t bought a new car, as mine runs too well after 12 years of your service. I’ll have to wait for the seats to fall apart!
      Teddy Deane
      San Juan Island
Since our first service at Benedict Restoration and Repair some twenty years ago, Leslie and I still feel fortunate to have mechanics like Scott Benedict maintaining our vehicles’ performance and safety needs.
The day after New Year 2012 a big yellow light suddenly appeared on the dash of our Ford150 truck, demanding “service engine soon”.  Panic set in as I called Benedicts.  Scott answered and knew instantly that things were not going well.  By 8:35 AM the following morning the problem had been diagnosed.  The big yellow light had been switched off, we had a few laughs, and Scott told me that I “was good to go”.  I even made my previously arranged 10 AM appointment.
 When I offered to write a check to Scott for their service, he shrugged and said, “Don’t worry about it; we’ll be seeing you again.”  Always, always Benedicts have been there for us.  Auto repair is hard, demanding work that requires intelligence and hard physical labor. 
The Benedicts are good.  They stand behind their work with pride.  When we leave the garage we feel safe knowing the work has been completed correctly.  We recognize the high level of responsibility that the Benedicts assume for the care and operation of our vehicles. 
Are you looking for a good mechanic that you can trust and always count on?  Call Benedict Restoration and Repair at 360-378-6046.
       Safe journies!
       Scott Angus and Leslie Schwartz
       San Juan Island

We have been taking our cars to Scott for 20years.  He is the reason our cars last as long as they do.  He tells us exactly what they need and we completely trust him.  He’s the reason we got 311 thousand miles on our old Subaru.  We always call him before we buy a car for advice.  We HIGHLY recommend Benedict repair and always tell people to give him a call.
       Elizabeth Farr & John Calogero
       San Juan Island

 If my car could, it would sing a happy song every time I take it to Scott and Robert Benedict, because they consistently give it such devoted, intelligent, and honest care. They are the heartland of car repair.
       Cat Bordhi
       San Juan Island

I’ve been using Scott and his crew for our car repairs for over three years. Besides being honest and skilled, they are surprisingly creative and persistent. When we brought our Chevy van in for an obscure interior electrical problem, Dave triumphed where others had given up or failed. I also found them to be reallyhelpful in what to look out for when I was ready to buy a used car.
       Terry Lush
       Friday Harbor, WA