Our shop is a no frills, corrugated metal covered pole building that is 54×30 feet with two detached 8×8 storage buildings. We have three bays. In front of two is an outside 30×18-foot slab. In front of the third is a 12×24-foot slab. We have two vehicle lifts, and two motorcycle lifts. We have an 8×24-foot machine shop and welding area with arc, mig, and gas welding, and a plasma cutter. Also various bench grinders and wire wheel arbors, a drill press, a dedicated brake drum lathe, and a dedicated brake rotor lathe. Also a metal bandsaw, small lathe and a milling machine.

There is a commercial hot water parts washer, motorcycle tire machine, engine hoist, multiple engine stands, transmission jack, and much more, all neatly packed in clean tidy shop with multiple benches and rolling carts. We have a main floor office space/waiting area, and upstairs there is a parts storage room.

We may not look the part of the in town big repair facility on the outside, and we are not as conveniently located, but we do feel that we more then make up for those short comings with responsible quality work, done in a clean orderly facility.