We offer a complete comprehensive maintenance program that consists of routine services on a regular basis, and vehicle specific scheduled maintenance at specified mileage intervals.

Our general service consists of an oil and filter change with a factory equivalent oil filter, usually a Wix, Carquest, orNapa(all made by Wix), and Chevron Supreme or Delo motor oil. Some of the newer models are requiring synthetic oils, which we stock also. Also included in the service is a full visual or physical inspection of all systems that pertain to the safety, dependability, and longevity of the vehicle.

These include, but are not limited to:

All fluid levels: the condition of, and any leakage from any device or system containing these fluids. Window washer fluid is topped off.

Brakes: pedal height, parking brake effectiveness, lining thickness, hoses, rotor thickness, and drum diameters (first time in), then at every tire rotation after.

Suspension and steering: ball joints, tie rod ends, struts, shocks, control arm bushings, all greased if applicable, steering box, or rack for looseness internally or externally.

Drive shafts/universal joints and drive axles: checked for looseness or boot damage, greased if applicable.

Wheel and axle bearings: rotated for noise and roughness, checked for looseness.

Entire exhaust system: hangers, rust through, leaks, damage, missing components.

Overall look underneath for any damage from going off road or road hazards, dents or damage to fuel tank etc.

Tires: checked for tread depth, weather checking on side-walls, physical damage, ply separation, and proper pressure as per the manufacturer specifications. The spare tire is checked if possible. Tires are rotated if due, with lug nuts torqued to factory specs with a torque wrench.

Belts and hoses are inspected, air filter blown out and replaced if needed. Over all look under hood for evidence of critter (rat) invasion and subsequent damage.

Battery: inspected for corrosion at terminals and hold down, filled if needed.

All lights: including rear license plate and fog lights are checked and replaced if needed. All damaged or leaky lenses are noted.

If a vehicle is on our maintenance program, each service we pull the filed customer data giving us the age and mileage of the fluids, belts, hoses, brakes etc., if we have changed or installed them.

The vehicle specific maintenance is usually at 30,000 60,000 90,000 and up. These can include a brake fluid flush, transmission fluid flush with filter, power steering fluid flush, fuel filters, spark plugs, air filters, cabin air filters, cooling system service and flush (antifreeze), timing belts and water pumps, and usually everything else we already do on our regular service.

In the mechanical repair section I will describe how we service automatic transmissions and cooling systems, flush brake fluid and more.